12 week course

Unearthing your True Light

Take your soul, healing and psychic powers to the next level.

Advanced Healing Course all taught from the "Classrooms" in the Akashic Records.

This program is all about getting rid of what doesn't serve you and what you have been hiding inside you. This is really the only thing at any given point keeping you from living your highest potential timeline.



So you have done the work

and it is now time to LEVEL UP.…

In this program we unearth the seeds of potential in you so that you can choose with your free will how to use them and where to plant them. You can't do that if the seeds are buried deep inside you. You must unearth your treasures, all these modules are lessons but what they really are is deep healing with a big purpose and that purpose is to open you up to the opportunities life has for you.

In this 12-WEEK PROGRAM Sofia and her glitter guides will posses you with the light activations, tools and deep work to reconnect to your divine essence and deprogram the clutter that is around it. Getting rid of the shell to have the light come up and shine through!!


  • Finding and integrating your spiritual connection to your life purpose and path ( 3 hour workshop style class)
  • Activating the light body (working with Merkaba)
  • Heavy deprogramming, deconstructing and healing part 1 : Mastering the art of Letting go.
  • Heavy deprogramming, deconstructing and healing part 2: Rainbow healing and balancing of masculine and femenine.
  • Healing Room in the sky, get attuned in Reiki on steroids.
  • Finding hidden keys in crystals and nature ( talking to plants)
  • Practicing Reiki on others and a recharging reiki session for the group.
  • A journey to conception: Healing the relationships with your parents, going to conception.
  • Healing the heavy burden of multidimensional guilt
  • Integration of past self, higher self, shadow self, future self ceremony
  • Finding confidence and motivation

This is a

completely self-paced pre-recorded course

There is a lot of energy in each of these modules. Each of these classes lasts approximately one to two hours. You can do most of the classes all the times you want, you will have access for life so you can revisit it over and over again. Every module comes with a pdf workbook with all the information for that class .


This is for you if:

  • Something in your heart is calling you or telling you this is something you should do.
  • You are open to learning, experimenting, practicing and sharing space.
  • You are excited about developing your spiritual practice even further
  • You want to open yourself up to new earth vibration.
  • You enjoy the Akashic Records and want to further your connection with this realm. This will be all taught from the Records so you will be bathed in that powerful energy frequency.


“Knowing your soul is the greatest gift you can give yourself."


International Spiritual Life Coach and Teacher


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