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Akashic Records Certificate

A journey to a place where your soul lives...

Wooohooo!! Are you ready to experience a deeper level of connection with "something else", unconditional support, feel the healing energy that everyone talks about and finally take charge of your life with the help of your guides from the akashic records? Then you are in the right place.

The Akashic Records are an experience and the first thing most people feel is a kind of relief, peace, or a weight lifted off their shoulders. Technically speaking it is like accessing a dimension of consciousness that contains all the information of your soul throughout your history; your past lives, present and future possibilities.

In this course you will learn to open yourself to this connection, learning to work in the records for yourself and only if you want, also for others. What I like the most about working in the Records is that they guide you with a lot, a lot, a lot (yes, a lot!) of love and they make you feel it. I believe that everyone should have access to their Akashic Records to improve their lives and that if that happened the world would be a better place.

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If you are reading this and you are getting excited the records are calling you...


 I used to think Akashic Records where some boring way of looking into past lives ( or something like that! ), because of this I really didn’t pay much attention to them until the name Akashic Records started popping up everywhere. My curiosity was taken over and something in me told me that I needed to look into it. Next thing you know I was in a class learning how to access my records.

You can read more about me in the about section, but I want to tell you a little about my relationship with the records here. The first time I went in, it felt like home, little did I know that I would end up teaching them. In fact I never planned to, I was too scared to even host meditations led by me, I wasn’t very confident back then. The records have given me confidence and with time an unconditional love and peace that I have never experienced before, so when my records told me to teach I (hesitated and then) went for it. It turned into so much more than I could ever have imagined. 

They chose me to give you a new way of accessing the records just for me and my students. They made me call my “prayer” a “passcode”. You see I learned to use a prayer from another teacher which is INCREDIBLE, but some “prayers” resonate more with some people, some with others. You might even get your own prayer one day from the guides in the records. I got this prayer and I was told that it would be used my thousands. This is the passcode I am teaching you in this course. A high vibrational light filled love filled passcode. I can even feel the energy as I write this. The records have really been the biggest most important energy tool I have ever learned or experienced and I am inviting you to experience them with me.


In this class you will learn:

  • How to access your Akashic Records and the records of other people.
  • Get rid of blocks that are keeping you from connecting properly 
  • How to communicate and receive information from the guides of the records.
  • How to see and heal your past lives.
  • How to get the best out of your Akashic practice 
  • Establish some ground rules for your spiritual work. 
  • How to protect yourself energetically 
  • How to do a basic ancestral healing 
  • Learn more about yourself...


What are the benefits of learning to read Akashic Records?

I believe EVERYONE should use their records as a compliment to their life. It is a free tool that you get for life. It helps with EVERYTHING!  But for more specific benefits watch the video here!


This is for you if...

  • Something in your heart is calling you or telling you this is something you should do.
  • You are open to learning, experimenting, practicing and putting in the work.
  • You are yearning for a deeper and more meaningful spiritual connection that makes you feel like and confirms that there is a wonderful energetic world at the tip of your fingertips.
  • You have had an Akashic Records Reading that has really resonated with you.
  • You would like to be an Akashic Records Reader and read other people. (NOT NECESSARY)
  • You would like to use your own Akashic Records as a tool to support you through your daily life.
  • You are exhausted and believe that any new tool can help give your life more meaning.

This is not for you if... 

  • You only want to know the future.
  • You want immediate solutions to your problems.
  • You only want to learn to heal others but not yourself.
  • You don't want to practice. Anyone can do this but you have to be willing to do the work and practice. It takes a little more time for some people.
  • You want to be a traditional psychic or medium (even though this does work in that sense, akashic records readings are deeper than that.)



Introduction and the three pillars of the akashic experience.


What are the akashic records, what you can use them for and types of spirit guides.


How to access the akashic records: prayer and activation meditation.


Questions to ask in the records, tips and protection.


Setting rules and intentions with your akashic records guides for your best experience.


Everything about seeing and healing past lives.


How to read other people: Tips, tricks and suggestions.


Diamond Pyramid Reading. A special method to give yourself a reading. 


Short farewell message.

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We will be practicing and you have to be open to practicing to learn to communicate with your records. It can sometimes take time and effort to do so. A spiritual connection of any kind is something that you work on. It is like a muscle. Having said that this course is open for beginners and I have taught many people who barely meditate how to read their Akashic Records so there is no pre-requisite. 


The purpose of this certificate is to introduce you to Akashic Records and give you advice and exercises that you can later use on your own to keep developing your abilities.

There is a minimum age requirement of 18 years old. (Nobody can access the records of somebody under 18)


What are the records again?


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Prerecorded course

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  • 9 Modules and 32 lessons.
  • Hours of content
  • 60 page book
  • Workbook
  • Everything you need to know to read your own records and those of others.
  • 5 Bonus meditations to support your experience ( besides the ones in the modules)

Pre-recorded course + private mentorship


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  • 9 Modules
  • Hours of content
  • 60 page book.
  • Workbook.
  • Everything you need to know to read your own records and those of others.
  • 5 Bonus meditations to support your experience ( besides the ones in the modules) 
  • 1 60 minute private 1:1 reading with me WHEN YOU FINISH THE COURSE. (valid up to 6 months after purchasing)

1:1 Private Akashic Mentorship


  • 9 Modules
  • Hours of content
  • 60 page book.
  • Workbook.
  • Everything you need to know to read your own records and those of others.
  • 5 Bonus meditations to support your experience ( besides the ones in the modules)
  • 6 weeks private zoom calls live to practice and follow along. (based on availability)

"This course was very special because I could feel that I connected to my records, that in itself already surpassed my expectations. I had taken courses on the records before but I couldn’t connect, I got frustrated and even by taking the most advanced level of those courses I couldn’t really connect. The energy of this course is different, I started just by feeling and I realized that I was already connecting. Sofi has a very authentic and spontaneous way of teaching that makes it fun to learn from her, I highly recommend it. Now it is my turn to practice and use this amazing tool." 

Juan Pablo 

"This course was magical for me, it completely exceeded my expectations. When I entered the records I found a place of peace and love. I will continue to practice because I want this to be part of my daily life because I loved feeling the support. Thank you so much Sofi for your way of sharing wisdom with so much love and generosity."


"This course had a lot more information that I initially thought and it has changed my whole outlook on life. It opens something up in you by showing you how there is so much more than the "earthly" life we experience. I am still processing it all but I have found a way to find peace in between my every day life. I loved that Sofia gave so many real life examples and anecdotes, it helped me understand better."



Sofia, as a spiritual coach, knows how to connect to myself on a deeper level in a way I've never experienced before. I feel blessed with synchronicities which led me onto this path! Definitely, I´m not going to be the same person. Her sessions really gave me the necessary tools for life that were the basis to get into the Records, but most importantly to heal layers by layers that I buried them unconsciously. Her guidance is simple and effective that I felt comfortable having fun in the process and letting it flow. I now know that I have spiritual guides in this journey and to look inside of myself whenever I need. From my experience, this is just the beginning and highly recommended!!



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Ready to experience the magical energy of the records?

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