Be your own Psychic Level 1

⭐ The best answers come from within...⭐

Now, don’t run just yet, I know psychic 🔮 can be a triggering word, but it is actually a very beautiful thing, let me tell you ALL about it…

¡No te asustes!, sé que psíquic@ puede ser una palabra gatillante, pero en realidad es algo muy hermoso, déjame contarte TODO sobre ello...



My name is Sofia

 I used to be a full time Interior Designer (still am just don’t practice it fully). It was my dream job, I worked for an amazing company, designing homes in LA, shopping in the most beautiful stores, living the life I had always dreamed of growing up in Chile. What happened? Well, I took a course similar to this and it felt like what I had always been waiting for. Clearly it was part of my life’s path because I am now a spiritual teacher full time and it fills me up with joy every single day. My students become friends and the connections we build last forever.

I used to have bad anxiety, depressive episodes, panic attacks and I thought I would have to live with it forever. The tools, healing and experiences that I teach in this group can help you with all of that. I healed myself and I couldn’t believe it. I was starting to think it was impossible. After years of therapy, alternative methods, antidepressants, tarot readings, etc. I didn’t know what else to do. Reiki helped me heal it but my connection to spirit guides, past lives and being able to understand what was REALLY going on helped me stay healed.

I believe absolutely EVERYONE should go through a course like this! I don’t care how much of a “muggle” you are, this experience will change your life.


Ok, so first let me tell you what this program can do for you in basic english (no fluffy unicorns 🦄 yet)

  • It will give you the tools to help you deal with emotions and every day life stuff. So say you are crying in the car because you are frustrated or angry about real life, these tools will come in and help you deal with it all. I sometimes wonder what I would do without these tools. They are LIFE CHANGERS 🪄!
  • You know those things that keep happening to you. That SAMEEE pattern that just won’t go away. I can feel your frustration just by typing this words. Sometimes it’s a thought or belief that keeps popping up. Maybe it’s anxiety or maybe it’s being put in the same situations over and over again, all I know is: it S-U-C-K-S! With these tools I have been able to heal that COMPLETELY! It doesn’t always happen over night, this is why this is a 12 week program.
  • You know how you want to make time to meditate but you never do ☮️ ? This makes you do it once a week. It becomes the best part, no matter what is going on the rest of the time when you connect you will be in heaven 🌈 .
  • When you know how to hear and work with your spirit guides life is just easier. Imagine a group of really really nice invisible people whose whole job is helping you 24/7, 🧚🏽‍♀️ how cool is that? Need help with an idea? Talk to your guides. Want to create something new for your business and don’t know where to start? I even got a free item at Zara 🛍️ once ( shh don’t tell)
  • If you show up and commit to the process I can promise you you will be at least 10% happier ☺️. You will notice your relationships will get better, the relationships with yourself will get better, and life is just, easier. This can change your life long term in ways bigger than you can imagine.
  • You will get to know yourself in a whole different way. This sounds like the smaller benefit but it’s the biggest one. This is YOUR life, YOUR soul, the work you do here will help you become a better person forever. 🧘‍♀️

In this class you will learn:

  • How to stop feeling everyone else’s energy and set up energetic boundaries 🙅🏽‍♀️
  • How to connect to your spirit guides 🧚
  • ⚡ Basic channeling ⚡!
  • How to see and heal past lives 🌀
  • Connect to your ancestors and heal their patterns so they don’t interfere with your life 👪 
  • How to give yourself and others an energetic healing  
  • Manifestation basics and how to learn to receive abundance 👑
  • Working with timelines 🕥
  • Cutting energetic cords 🗡️
  • So much more but… most of all you will heal, heal, heal…🦋

This program is for you if:

  • You sometimes feel people’s energies 🐞
  • You have read some spiritual books 📘 but want to go a bit deeper. 
  • You constantly look for advice outside of yourself and have trouble making decisions.
  • You feel like there is something more that you are supposed to do but don’t know what.
  • Life has pushed you to some limits and you are looking forward to working through them in a supportive environment 🏞️ .
  • You want to have fun! How fun is it to play Hogwarts 🧙‍♀️? 
  • You don’t take spirituality too seriously. 🧞‍♀️ I am constantly joking around and we have fun and laugh together as well as heal and cry together.
  • You want to connect 🧘‍♀️ but you are scared to because you think it isn't safe.

This program is not for you if:

  • You are not ready to take responsibility for your own healing. (no judgement!)
  • You want to do this just to make money 💸.
  • You are impatient and want to be psychic without putting in the work.
  • You only want to know 🔮 yes or no questions or what is going to happen in the future.

Some of the many testimonials…

Also, if you want to talk to someone who took the program let me know!

"I found Sofia at a time when I really needed to get in tune with myself. She taught me so many tools that I now don't know what I would do if I didn't have them. Before Sofia I knew I needed to meditate and tune into myself but I was resisting it so much because I didn't know how to quiet down the inner chatter and I thought I was beyond "fixing". Most meditation teachers never really did it for me and I was never able to fully disconnect from my chatter. Sofia is so calming, and all her sessions really get me into that meditative state that no other teacher has achieved. She is an amazing teacher and she has changed my life and my way of viewing the world."

"When @inshalacademy launched her course, "Be Your Own Psychic",  I knew this was exactly what I needed! I needed to strengthen my intuition and learn to TRUST MYSELF!! Honestly, this course change EVERYTHING for me! It opened up my intuitive gifts and to trust what I was receiving.".

"I've never felt this supported/heard/safe to heal. This is tremendously helpful, thank you."


"Thank you for sharing this! I feel like my eyes are being opened up so much from your class. I'm learning so much about something that is so interesting to me and I truly believe but didn't understand it before, and didn't know where to look."


"I am so grateful my guides introduced me to Sofia as I started on my spiritual journey. They knew she had the gentle loving voice, powerful feminine presence, familiar connection and excellent teaching skills to illuminate my path with all the glitter!"


"And thank you so much for everything! This experience has truly been life changing and I'm so excited to keep going down this path and see what happens next!! I couldn't have gotten here without you and for that I will forever be grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Sofia, as a spiritual coach, knows how to connect to myself on a deeper level in a way I've never experienced before. I feel blessed with synchronicities which led me onto this path! Definitely, I'm not going to be the same person. Her sessions really gave me the necessary for life that were the basis to get into the Records, but most importantly to heal layers by layers that I had buried unconsciously. Her guidance is simple and effective. I felt comfortable having fun in the process."


"Thank you so much for the book recommendations, I'm excited to start delving into these and learning more. It's just amazing how much has opened up since starting this work with you Sofia! I am loving it and having so much fun with our classes."


"So I just wanted to share this with you because I've never had an experience this powerful before! I feel like I've really learned to trust how I receive messages from my guides and I'm not judging what I'm receiving as much anymore. So it totally changed my experience in the Records too! I'm so excited and had to share with you all. Thank you."


✨ 12 Jam- Packed recorded Modules with more than 24 hours of content. 

✨ 12 Live Practical classes based on the recorded modules plus Live coaching Q/A in an intimate group setting.

✨ A community of like minded souls in an intimate group chat.

✨ 24/7 Access to me by chat.

✨ Depending on where you are at on your journey in the connection call we determine if you are eligible for a bi weekly 1:1 coaching call with me :) 






✨ On the Kajabi platform and app you will have access each week to a new recorded module. Each class has between 1 and 4 recorded theoretical videos. 

✨ It also has the corresponding downloadable meditations and exercises for the class. Each class has at least 1 meditations.

✨ Workbooks with all the information covered in each class.

✨ A community chat to connect with and practice with other students.

✨ Recordings of live classes if you can't make it.





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