What is Inshala Academy?

If I Sofia, had to explain it in a few words I would tell you that I experience Inshala Academy as a "university" in the sky. In each of these buildings that I visualize there are different infinite lessons. I access this energetic frequency by using my akashic records prayer (click here to see more about what the records are) And from there I channel the lessons for each of my courses, classes, retreats, etc. You can access this energetic space in most of my courses or workshops.

The easiest way to truly explain what Inshala Academy is, besides experiencing it, is is by channeling word by word what the guides (spiritual teachers in spirit) of Inshala Academy have to say below...


"We (the spirit beings of Inshala Academy) are a group of souls whose main purpose is to provide human beings and whoever enters this energetic space (human or not) healing. We facilitate and mostly ignite this healing by being the bridge between you and your soul's information, pure source energy, channeled messages, your guides, ancestors, past lives, and so much more etc. The truth is you don't have to understand any of it to experience it because this is a frequency that is experienced in the physical body. That is the beauty of it.

Everyone experiences this energetic dimension differently and this is crucial for you to know. If you want peace, transformation, connection and a deep feeling of belonging we extend this invitation to you."


I, Sofia want you to know that this is a loving and safe space to practice tools and techniques that I have channeled for your highest good. You know that energy or that "it factor" that makes you gravitate to certain coaches, teachers or even brands? Everything is made of energy and the energy of someone you are in any way connected to determines how you feel. Feel it out, how do you feel when seeing my videos or even reading this words? Are you feeling curious? Is your heart feeling open? You are welcome to try it...To have a full Inshala Academy experience I suggest one of my workshops or courses.

 About the name...


Shala is the name of the first spirit guide who revealed herself to me. About at least ten years ago, I was half watching TV, half scrolling through youtube meditations and I came across one that said meet your guides. I don't remember anything else but the fact that Shala came to mind. In my country this could be an urban saying for sandal so I thought I was crazy and totally desregarded it. Specially because I wasn't concentrated at all.

A few days later the name came coming back to my mind and I figured I would just look it up, you know, just in case. First thing that showed up was that it meant goddess of compassion. I couldn't believe it! There was no way I had made this up, but I didn't know that you could learn to connect with your guides so I was like cool.

Years later creating my brand ( a spiritual design company in the beginning) I decided Shala had to be part of the name. I looked up the meaning again and the first thing that showed up was that Shala in sanskrit meant "home". Again I couldn't believe the "coincidence". This is the kind of synchronicities that I have later experienced with spirit that just let you know that you are ABSOLUTELY guided and supported by something unseen.

When deciding on the name I felt that it couldn't just be Shala and I landed on IN-SHALA which is very similar to the spanish word "inhala" which means inhale and it was also a play of words alluding to IN-HOUSE. Once, again after deciding this I experienced yet another synchronicity. Most people think I named Inshala Academy after the famous saying " In shallah " which means god willing. ANOTHER magical synchronicity.

Now Inshala Design has transitioned into Inshala Academy but it still feels like the place where you can come in and make yourself at home.