What it means to be grounded

May 20, 2023

I bet you have heard this word a lot lately, specially if you are living in LA like me. But a lot of people don't even know what it really means to be grounded. Some people think it means being "down to earth" but what grounding yourself really does is ask you to be aware of and present in your body. In energy healing we have a way of checking to what grade you are "in your body" and to what grade you are out of it.

We are spiritual beings living in human bodies so sometimes we connect more to the spiritual part and disconnect to the body a bit. When you are distracted and feel like you "have your head in the clouds" it probably means that you are not grounding yourself. And how can you ground without knowing what grounding is?

I want you to imagine that you are putting your feet in the sand and burying them, now imagine that you are walking barefoot on the grass or laying your back against a tree. Does that feel replenishing? Like it feeds your soul? This is because this is one way of grounding yourself. Being in contact with nature, this wonderful ecosystem that we belong to in community with all other living things. Nature reminds us of our essence, how we are all part of this amazing collective experience. This is specially important if you move around a lot or if you recently relocated to a new place. Take some time to go out to a place in nature in your new neighborhood and imagining sinking your roots into earth. This helps you locate yourself on the planet.

You don't necessarily have to physically have your feet on the earth ( although this is the preferred method) here are some of my favorite ways to ground myself:

1) Grounding guided meditation

2) Exercise

3) Eating grounding foods like root vegetables

4) Holding a crystal in my hands ( black obsidian, hematite, smokey quartz, red jasper)

5) Diffusing essential oils

For your home, it is suggested to bring in materials like wood and living plants. I see this more and more often as I scan through the energy of a home. Specifically, the energy of apartments want wood elements to make the space feel more inviting. These can be small wood elements like pots, bowls, figurines, etc. You can also bring in ceramic mugs, plates, art. Another easy way to make your home a space where you can ground yourself easier is to diffuse essential oils specifically made for grounding, placing crystals around the corners of your home and bringing in flowers and plants.

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