Welcome to my conscious online school, my name is Sofia Araya

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I can't wait to guide you into knowing your soul on a whole other level. Here you will find different psychic and healing development tools for every day life.


I am the girl who laughs while she meditates

This all sounds very "woo woo" but I am just like you (seriously!). Inshala was born after I learned these spiritual tools (you could call them energy hacks even) and healed myself from anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. After that I became passionate about helping others as well...but honestly I NEVER thought I would be doing this for a living. I actually had my dream job in my dream city when I started Inshala Academy...

Our 5 to 30 minute recordings offer a transformative experience that's not only calming, but fun too! These are for you whether you're new to meditation or a seasoned pro. So why not give it a try and see how much better you can feel?

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Our 2 hour pre-recorded healing and visualization journeys (channeled and held from the akashic records energy). These journeys are an ideal way to experience what happens in my longer courses and the benefits of my healing. There is an amazing free workshop to heal your anxiety!

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Looking for a deeper transformation? Here you will learn the tools that changed my life. Receive a profound transformation with our extended courses, spanning six hours or more, and gain valuable tools to elevate your everyday life.

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“Wow, I am amazed at how on-point and accurate my Akashic Reading was. Right from the beginning of the reading the most consuming topic in my life was realized and addressed. This reading brought me so much clarity and strength to keep on my path. When I shared my reading with my boyfriend he was brought to tears at how accurate it was! Sofia is an incredible soul and very talented. I cant thank her enough for this life changing reading we got to experience together!”

I'm here for an akashic records reading!



In this meditation I guide you to connect with one of your beautiful guides in the unseen world.

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In this short meditation let yourself be guided into getting guidance on a subject or question that you might want an answer too.

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Sometimes it can be hard to drift into sleep when your mind is spinning. You can listen to this every night for a deep sleep.

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Want to experience my most powerful workshop for free?

If you read or heard my story you know that I found all these spiritual tools as solution for my anxiety. That is why I created a FREE workshop so that people who are desperate like I was can find some relief with non traditional methods. (Disclaimer: This is not medical advice)

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