Energy meets interiors

I have a unique three step process that combines my spiritual practices with interior design. It is completely unique for every situation: taking into consideration functionality, spirituality and style. It is all about you feeling amazing in your space, whatever that might mean for you . The possibilities are endless! All the services are available online and in person. Book a complimentary no strings attached call today to learn what we can do for your home and soul!


Step 1: Assess

Initial Consultation may include:

- Akashic Records Reading of the Home

- Energy Evaluation and Clearing

- Clutter evaluation

- Meditation with the home

- Defining goals, expectations, scope of work

Step 2: Declutter

May include:

- Decluttering Meditation

- Support during the decluttering process

- Reorganization plans

- Bringing in cleaning crew

- Bringing in professional home organizers

Step 3: Styling

May include:

- Bringing in Accessories

- Constructing an altar

- Bringing in crystals

- Adding Plants and floral arrangements

- Full design boards

- Furniture options 

- Wallpaper suggestions

One time single sessions for the home

Did you know that there are 10 common energetic contaminants that affect our space? If you feel the energy of your home is stuck, stagnant, heavy, etc. clearing it is a great way to make your home feel welcoming again. It is great to do a clearing or healing after someone has passed, after a divorce to get the energy of your former partner out of your space, before bringing a new baby into the home, etc. I also suggest doing one before moving out of a home and into a new one.