1 HOUR - 1 HOUR 15 MIN

Journey into your Akashic Records…

Akasha is the essence of everything. In your Akashic Records we access a dimension with all the information on your present life, past lives, and potential futures. It is the most healing, high vibrational, love filled space I have ever experienced. I have yet to encounter anyone who hasn’t fully enjoyed being a readee in an Akashic Records reading. It is a unique mixture between a fun clairvoyant reading and a deep healing of patterns that might need to be looked at to move towards your most high vibrational potential future.


Customer reviews
“Working with Sofia was a wonderful experience. Her ability to read the Akashic Records was incredible. We looked into existing patterns and beliefs and were able to trace them back to past lives. She was able to do a healing of those past lives and help me move forward. We also looked at things to come and she was able to give me clarity on a few issues I was struggling with. I highly recommend Sofia and can’t wait to book my next session with her."
“Wow, I am amazed at how on-point and accurate my Akashic Reading was. Right from the beginning of the reading the most consuming topic in my life was realized and addressed. This reading brought me so much clarity and strength to keep on my path. When I shared my reading with my boyfriend he was brought to tears at how accurate it was! Sofia is an incredible soul and very talented. I cant thank her enough for this life changing reading we got to experience together!”