My introductory 3 session package…

Session 1:

A message from your guides and a whole lotta healing…

With only your first name this is my kind of “discovery session” where I learn who you are and what you need from the people that know best what those things are: your spirit guides. After their initial channeled message I give you a full body energy healing that will leave you vibrating with the highest vibrations of unconditional love. This is 100% at a distance, you get a recording when I am done.

Session 2:

Journey into your Akashic Records…

Akasha is the essence of everything. In your Akashic Records we access a dimension with all the information on your present life, past lives, and potential futures. It is the most healing, high vibrational, love filled space I have ever experienced. I have yet to encounter anyone who hasn’t fully enjoyed being a readee in an Akashic Records reading. It is a unique mixture between a fun clairvoyant reading and a deep healing of patterns that might need to be looked at to move towards your most high vibrational potential future.

Session 3:

Spiritual Life Coaching

A lot of times clients will want to get more specific help with a certain topic. In the healing and akashic records reading sessions we get a lot of information that can help you move towards a place where you want to be in life but sometimes we need some extra support to bring it into our lives. When we get answers and awareness we can decide what steps to take together in a third session with mindset techniques, meditation tools and other techniques you can further incorporate into your daily life.