Get a direct line to spirit...

A journey to the place where your soul lives

Learn to read your Akashic Records!

Imagine standing in the middle of a bright bubble of light made out of the highest vibration of love. This is what it feels like to be in the AKASHIC RECORDS.

In this course you will learn how to be in this frequency and communicate with the guides for yourself and others. It is a beautiful high vibrational powerful experience that can change your life!

3 month program

Be your own Psychic

The Glitter Guides (aka my guides) have teamed up with little human me to help bring this work to you. You who have been craving ALIGNED connection! Who have been asking all the questions! Looking for all the answers!

We want to help you help yourself, with tools that will not only help you now but will completely transform your life. I have been there, I could be here all day telling you all the stories. But you don’t need that. You need connection with your own story, you need to know that I can help YOU and I promise YOU I will only accept you into this program if I can.


Unearthing your true light

This course is my personal favorite. An advanced course to deepen your connection with the Akashic Records. This course is for people who have been certified or have some basic knowledge of the records.

In 12 week I will guide you through deep empowering exercises to help you get rid of everything that is not serving you and dig deep to uncover your own light within. Healing multidimensional guilt, trapped emotions, past life, ancestral patterns and SO MUCH MORE!