Intuition vs. Psychic Powers

Intuition is a friendly word, connected to down to earth action and thoughts. Anyone can talk about intuition. Hey! Even your dad might mention it! The truth is this word is SAFE. It is a word that feels NORMAL, down to earth. I think everyone has at least once said: I had a feeling that that was going to happen", or maybe an “ I just knew that wasn’t right”. These are common every day things we hear. No one will look at you like your crazy. Because we have all experienced intuitive hits at one point or the other. Or those situations where you know it could not have been a coincidence but if you truly ask yourself you somehow know it wasn't.

But the word "psychic" is scary. What are the thoughts you get when you hear it? I think of scams, fear, being told something you don't want to hear and a lot of shiny neon lights. I also realize as I write this that I associate it with being crazy. ME! The psychic! LOL! I have learned that we are all psychic and that all these negative associations we have around the word are just that: perceptions of the mind. Having developed my "intuitive tools" has given me a new sense of self. An appreciation for life, a peace inside that I didn't know was possible. It has completely changed my world. I used to dream about being magical, psychic, but the truth is we all are. Yes, even you. Cool right?

When we feel something is off we are using our "psychic powers", when we feel the energy is "heavy" in a room we are using our psychic powers, when we dream about something, visualize something, get a knowing hint we are using them but we need to know how to develop them in a safe space. In my 3 month program I teach you all the tools to distinguish fear from intuition and use them for your highest good, all in LOVE and LIGHT. We walk you through from fear to trust, from confusion to connection. Having gained these tools has moved so much energy for me, ancestor energy, past life energy, trapped emotions,etc. the best part is that now I don't need to call on someone else ( although I do have someone every couple of months see my blind spots) but I can sit down and get an answer for myself. Empower MYSELF and that for me is just priceless. It is also a lot of fun!


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