4 things your soul needs to make your house feel like a home

As you read the title you might have thought: natural light, a nice view, a meditation space. Yes, these things are important but this post is about what your SOUL deep deep down needs in a more abstract way.

1) A sense of belonging

The land where you settle, the land where the place you call home is located is a huge part of what nurtures your spirit. Think about your hometown, sure you might not want to live there now but there is a connection deeper than your ego human ways, the connection with the land you grew up on. There is a sense of belonging there. In today's world we are constantly traveling, relocating, moving around and some don't even have a set place. Tons of people are living the "nomad life" but this doesn't mean you won't necessarily feel at home. The best way to do this is to get yourself to nature and do a grounding exercise or meditation where you envision roots coming out of your feet and burying themselves into the ground. It is best to do this barefoot. A simple meditation with relaxing music will help you connect deeper to your new place. This works for a place you have lived in for a while as well. Try to communicate with it and feel it's energy! You will be surprised!

2) Safety first

Your home has to be a place where you can feel safe in the traditional sense but also in an energetic sense. It is so important to be able to feel like you can be yourself and develop the inner parts of you in your home. Our homes are places were we explore who we are and who we want to become. This happens when people live in spaces that don't identify with their souls. I have seen this happen in different situations. It can be that you still live with your parents ( or had to move back with them). In this particular situation you have become an adult and still live in an environment that makes you feel like a teenager. The furniture in your bedroom (aka: the only space you have for yourself) might be the same bed you had at 10 -15 years old, your old toys are probably around, etc. When this is the case your space might not feel safe, sure you are at home with your parents ( your emotional safety net) but is it really safe for your soul? Can you develop yourself as an individual person? The answer is yes, you can but for that you need to make your space support your personal development and not the other way around. Did you know that one of the energies that contaminates our homes is the energy of other people thinking about what is best for you? But if you live in your parents house don't worry, there are plenty of ways to make your space feel your own and keep nagging energy out, you just have to clear it first. The second common thing is when one of the people in a couple brought all their things with them and the other person just kind of went with it. This might seem fine but it is important for everyone who lives in a space to identify with it so that they can feel safe and supported in their personal development. When your exterior reflects your interiors your space is a safety net when things go wrong and a push for things to go right.

3) Natural elements

I notice this whenever I read the energy of a home. It is even more common in apartments. As I tune in in to what the home wants and needs I get specific flowers, specific materials, plants etc. Denise Lin ( Best Selling Author) says that your home should have tangible links to the world of nature - things that you hear, taste, smell, see and touch that remind you of the sky above and the earth below. The more I go into my spiritual work the more I crave nature. It just replenishes us in a way that no other thing in our life can. In our fast paced world it is so common to forget the importance of this connection. We just keep going day by day, without stopping to "smell the roses" literally. Bringing in elements of nature subconsciously recreates the feeling of being outdoors around us. This is why traditional Feng Shui ( which I don't practice) talks about the importance of the four elements of the natural world: air, water, fire and earth. This is a part of Feng Shui I 100% agree with.

4) A place for sacred practice

I find this one very similar to the natural element step. Nature connects us to our sacred earth energy, universal/god/life force energy connects us to our life purpose and the sacred space within ourselves. It is amazing to have your home set up as a place that nurtures and massages your soul. I always like to reiterate that sacred space doesn't have to be all white with no furniture, full of candles and string lights. It can be a space with the boldest colors or the least trendy things. A sacred space is whatever massages your soul visually and emotionally. I've personally struggled with this for a long time as well. My current workspace to some might look like a teenager girl's bedroom and I almost didn't design it that way because of what everyone else would think. But my soul is the soul of a teenage girl, and she likes pink, butterflies, rainbows and all the colors. And guess what, I love how I feel there. It might not be Elle Decor material but it is mine. MY sacred space for me. I do the same with my clients. Whatever they want I give because a sacred space for me is a space that takes whatever is in your heart and spreads it around the walls. Making an altar ( which by no means needs to be related to religion) is a great way of connecting to the sacred within.

I would love to hear how this plays out in your home and any questions you might have about it. If you are curious please email me at sofia@inshaladesign.com I love connecting with people!

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