4 easy steps to shift your emotions

With so much unknown in the world outside of ourselves, this situation is presenting the perfect opportunity for us to look within. But it can be SO HARD.

First thing you should know is most of us ( yes even you!) pick up on other people's emotions. So imagine this: you wake up a little anxious, a family member calls you and they are even more anxious, you turn on tv, more anxiety, you can even start feeling the emotion by reading this post. I have learned that emotions grab on to their own kind and "pile" on top of each other. If you are a person that feels anxious constantly you will attract and feel more of that same emotion. So the first thing that anybody can do is notice their emotions.

Step 1: Identify the emotion: What am I feeling right now? Get as specific as possible.

Step 2: Notice where this emotion is in your body? If you had to give the energy of the emotion a color what color would it be?

Step 3: Notice if the emotion comes from you or the collective. Does this feel like something related to your own experience?

Step 4: Stop avoiding the emotion. Yes, even if it is uncomfortable. Most discomfort comes from avoiding/resisting/ ignoring. What if we just sit with the emotion we are avoiding to feel? Let's say it's fear. Notice how much you have been avoiding this emotion. When you avoid an emotion it's actually worse, It lasts longer. Imagine a little kid that is scared, most of the times they won't avoid the emotion, they just go right to it, they cry it out, they express it and in the process they release the emotions. A few minutes later they will be eating ice cream like nothing happened.

We have two options: to feel the emotion willingly (like a child) or unwillingly (suppressing it). Either way you are going to feel it. It is best to let it communicate with us and then let it shift.

Feel afraid, connect to the energy of it. Say ok, for the next 5 minutes I will think about what I am afraid of, how it makes me feel, dive into the uncomfortable feeling. Fake the crying if you need to, kick something, scream into a pillow, put it in paper, GET IT OUT consciously so it won't surprise you when you find yourself at the supermarket afraid of not finding toilet paper.

Now, after and only after you have released find a better feeling emotion. Maybe love seems too many steps away, find a better feeling than fear. Can you find something that feels a little bit better? I have found that one of the best ways of doing this is asking how can I look at this situation differently? Or make a list of things you are grateful for. Only do this after looking at the lower vibration emotions though. Skipping over the hard part will only get you to the hard part over and over again.

Sending so much love your way! Hope this helps!

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